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Long ago, when myth and legends were known to be true, the power of the flame resided in all people
throughout the land. Now the power is all but forgotten until it awakens once more on a night filled with
Eight years after witnessing the slaughter of his family and the blue flame that emerged from his hand,
Ron picked up the pieces of his shattered life and built a new one in Greyland. Unanswered questions
and nightmares continue to plague his mind, but over the years, Ron trained in the Arena with his
closest friend Grant while waiting for the perfect time to tell Nora how he feels about her. However, the
past is not so easily left behind when a stranger arrives to deliver a message. 'If you seek answers, return
to where it all began.' With only the message to guide him, Ron ventures into the world with Nora and
Grant to uncover the truth about his past. What Ron discovers not only forces him to confront his past
but sets in motion a series of events that will challenge Ron, Nora, and Grant at every turn. They will
suffer the consequences of every choice they make and learn that the shadows from Ron's past have
returned to bring the world and its people to their knees.

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