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My Story

Matt Trevizo, a captivating author and an active- duty firefighter for the United States Air Force, has led a life filled with adventure and inspiration. With numerous deployments under his belt, he has traversed the globe, exploring diverse countries and cultures, all the while nurturing an insatiable passion for writing and storytelling.

His journey as a writer began when a sudden spark of creativity ignited within him, and the vivid worlds, intriguing characters, and compelling themes inhabiting his imagination demanded to be brought to life. What began as a humble hobby to combat the clutches of boredom has now flourished into a dynamic career path with limitless potential.

When not crafting enthralling tales or fearlessly battling blazes, Matt indulges in an array of hobbies. He cherishes time spent with close friends and family, delves into thought-provoking books, immerses himself in narrative-rich video games, and stays fit through regular exercise. Currently, Matt calls the vibrant city of Las Vegas home, where he resides with his loving wife and two spirited sons. 


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